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International Joint PhD Programmes

The path to a PhD may be long and winding, but the destination will be worth every step.


Interdisciplinary, cross-border, international science and research-oriented PhD programmes are innovative in terms of structure and organisation comparable to the best cross-border PhD programmes within the EU.


High-ranking, nationally and internationally accredited foreign universities authorised to award doctoral and postgraduate degrees as well as post-doctoral qualifications.


Renowned and distinguished academics and professionals of highly acclaimed universities.


Doctoral students are awarded the internationally recognized highest academic degree on behalf of all partner universities within the Consortium.

Doctorate Programmes

Image for International Economic Relations and Management

International Joint Cross-Border PhD Programme in

International Economic Relations and Management

Image for Educational and Communication Sciences

International Cooperative Cross-Border Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in

Educational & Communication Sciences

Doctoral Students Say About Us

I already have a long academic journey behind me, which I would now like to complete with a PhD. When choosing the right program, it was particularly important to me that, on the one hand, all academic standards were met, but that the program also had a very high practical relevance, as otherwise it would not be easy to combine it with my daily work. The Joint-Cross Border PhD Programme in International Economic Relations and Management is a very good example of both. The support from the universities and the dissertation supervisors works very well and I have a supervisor who exactly matches my desire for science and business practice. The very broad and diverse composition of the doctoral students is a very exciting and interesting factor, which brings me a lot on a personal as well as a professional level.
Lukas Rendl
As a member of the scientific board at the conference for PhD students in May 2023, my recent experience with this doctoral programme has been nothing short of remarkable. I am deeply impressed by the exceptional quality of the curricula that combine science and research in an international and interdisciplinary environment. The dedication and expertise of the lecturers and staff from the partner universities are truly commendable, and I must single out Irena Zavrl, director of the doctoral programme, whose attention to detail and sincere concern for PhD students make the programme an invaluable asset. Her kindness and dedication exemplify the ethos of excellence that permeates the entire institution. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a small part of this prestigious programme and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a world-class doctoral education.
Vladimir Radivojević
The support I receive is outstanding in terms of support from my supervisor as well as support in further developing key skills for my current PhD research and my further career.
Vjera Jelovac-Šitum
The greatest motivation for the PhD is to grow and mature in the process until then. After more than 10 years of studying for a Master's degree and a lot of professional experience, it is one of my most exciting journeys ever to delve deeply into a subject again. The path to the PhD within this joint doctoral programme is definitely my biggest scientific challenge so far and it is pushing me to overcome new boundaries.
Robert M. Just