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Application and Admission Process

for joint doctoral studies

Application deadline: September 30, 2024

The application procedure is structured around key dates for each academic year. The most important steps to prepare for a successful application and the current deadlines for the application/admission are:

1. Verification of Eligibility Criteria

Before beginning the application process, it is necessary to confirm that the following specified admission requirements have been met, i.e., you may apply if you:

2. Submit a Complete Application File

to the designated contact irena.zavrl@doctorate-ps.eu as soon as possible, but no later than September 30, 2024.

Personal Documents

Degree Certificates

Proof of all previous academic qualifications (Bachelor’s, Master’s degree certificates or Highschool diploma) i.e., transcripts of your university, copy of university degrees, etc.) in pdf-format with the required legalisation for the country of issue. (Please note: Should the documents be neither in English nor in German, they have to be translated into either of those languages by a duly sworn translator)

Letter of Motivation and CV

(with photo) in pdf-format

The Letter of Motivation and CV form integral components of the application for admission. In the letter of motivation, you should briefly and concisely (max. 1 page) present your research interests and your motivation for the planned research work and explain why you want to carry it out. The CV should present your academic and professional career in a compact and clear way (max. 3 pages), including relevant professional experience, language skills, abilities and competences as well as previous academic achievements (such as publications, awards, conferences, etc.).

Research Proposal (RP)

working title

For the admission, you must already have a clear idea of your research topic. You are expected to submit a short description of a maximum of 4 pages (plus list of references) of the planned dissertation thesis, outlining its questions and objectives, methodology as well as the current state of research. For detailed description see the chapter “How to Write Your Research Proposal…”.   

The candidates are invited to a personal interview in October, where they present their rough research idea.

Personal interviews for the academic year 2024/25 are scheduled for:

• EDU & COMM doctoral programme: October 11-12,2024
• ECO doctoral programme: October 18-19, 2024

Upon acceptance, you will receive confirmation and further instructions.