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of a joint PhD

Joint PhD doctoral programmes provide aspiring researchers with the opportunity to enhance the internationality of their doctoral degree, in addition to numerous other advantages:

By participating in a joint PhD, you have the opportunity to engage with multiple research environments. You may benefit from exposure to different methodologies, perspectives, and academic cultures.

BOTH Joint PhDs involve collaboration between universities from different countries. This international exposure fosters cross-cultural understanding, expands networks, and promotes global research connections.

You may receive dual supervision from experts from different partner universities. This ensures you have access to a wider spectrum of knowledge and expertise, receive diverse feedback, and benefit from a richer mentoring experience.

Joint PhD programmes encourage interdisciplinary research. You can explore topics that span multiple fields, leading to innovative solutions and a deeper understanding of complex issues.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a joint doctoral degree from all collaborating educational institutions. This enhances your academic credentials and increases career opportunities globally.

You can access resources from or visit all partner universities (if needed), including research facilities, libraries, and esp. scientific conferences.

You have the possibility to build a diverse professional network by interacting with researchers, attending workshops, and participating in joint events. This exposure contributes to your personal and academic growth.

Both   joint PhD programmes provide a unique blend of academic, cultural, and collaborative experiences, making them an attractive choice for those, seeking a comprehensive and globally oriented doctoral education.